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Complimentary multilingual speaker audio guide, available in 11 foreign languages

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Guides/drivers fluent in French and English, +3rd language

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A little tour in the heart of the forgotten secrets of the city of Nice? A city rich in history and architecture, it contains a multitude of treasures. Whether you are a passing traveler or a rooted local, you may want to learn more. Among the alleys, squares and sunny beaches, some details may have escaped your notice. Are you ready to live a new experience under the euphoric caress of the Sun’s rays? Here is an unusual walk designed to amaze you and fill your mind with lasting memories. Keep your eyes and ears open, our guided tour of Nice might just surprise you.

What is a guided tour in Nice by bike taxi ?

You have been living in Nice for years but do not yet know all the anecdotes of this city? Or are you organizing your tourist visit and want to be immersed in the folklore of Nice? Our guided tours have been designed to make your day unforgettable and rewarding. You will travel among the alleys and esplanades and nourish your curious mind with culture.

A guided tour in a pedicab is the promise of a new and fun adventure in the center of a historic city. Young and old will be able to flourish and let their minds wander according to the stories pleasantly told by their guide. This modern and fun walk will immerse you in the heritage of old Nice, its monuments and its historical dates.

Discovering Nice on a guided tour will take you off the beaten track to take a fresh look at this metropolis of the Côte d’Azur. You will go beyond the sandy beaches, the bright sun, and the blue sky to see small gems of the region. You will be free to decide to stop to immortalize a place that has touched you using your cameras.

Our guides are on hand to answer your questions and take the breaks you need during your walk. Our priority is to make you spend a moment of pleasure in a playful and ecological format, according to your expectations.

How does a guided tour by pedicab work in Nice ?

Our bicycle taxis have been designed with greater respect for the environment. The silence will allow you to take full advantage of our visits. A guided tour of old Nice can take on several aspects. We offer you different types of tours so that you can turn to the one that suits you.

Each ride aboard the taxi bike is constructed as a guided tour. A local guide will make you discover the smallest corners of the city according to the tour of your choice. A multilingual audio guide can also be made available to you free of charge.

35 vehicles are available to take several groups and offer you an outing to several. Team Building and a walk with friends will take on an innovative and fun aspect thanks to this guided walk through the streets of Nice. To guarantee an exotic and relaxing moment, the departure times are adaptable to your convenience. You will have the possibility to choose the duration of your visit as well as its cost. So that this activity is accessible to all budgets, each theme has its specificities and varied prices.

Discovering the culture of a city and the multitude of secrets it holds has never been so much fun for you. All you must do is wait until your guide arrives at the doors of your hotel. Take the plunge and visit the capital of the Côte d’Azur by bike taxi to return home with memories in your head!